Gratis, Ohio

Hello, I┬┤m Luc├şa, I┬┤m a sex addict and I get horny just imagining everything I would do to you. I don┬┤t know if you would put up with me for long because I┬┤m very tough and I would make you cum in just a couple of minutes but hey we could try it hahaha do you dare?

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Tomar una copa, tomar una copa quiero, mi madre se puso malita y llamaron para preguntar por ella sus amigos de suiza pero llamaron a su amiga estando hablando conmigo y yo continu├ę con su marido y pas├│ esto
San Vicente de Alcántara, Badajoz

Have a drink

One night I don┬┤t know how it happened that I had phone sex with the husband of a friend of my mother┬┤s from Switzerland, my mother got sick and her friends from Switzerland called to ask about her but they called her friend while she was talking to me and I continued with her husband and this happened, his voice, mine. I want to have a drink.
Hombres serios, busco hombres serios con autoestima y seguros de si mismos
Albacete, Albacete

serious men

I am looking for serious men with self-esteem and self-confidence. I┬┤m looking for single men because what I want is a stable relationship. I prefer them without children since I would like to be a mother and some, since they have them, they don┬┤t want to have more, but if you don┬┤t mind having more, that┬┤s great. I want to be a mother. I am very young and I want to be a mother.
Soy una aut├ęntica viajera
Ávila, Ávila

I am a true traveler

I am a traveler. Now I have calmed down and returned to Ávila. Since I found out that I could never be a mother naturally and that with treatments it would also be difficult, I decided to live and enjoy life and I have been traveling and lived in many countries for seasons, including Argentina. Now I have returned to Ávila where I have started working with my parents in their businesses and well I am open to whatever arises.
No quiero ser madre
Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

I don┬┤t want to be a mother

I am quite clear that I am not going to be a mother and from there I would like to find a guy for a relationship who does not want to be a father or who already has children and does not want more. I am 36 years old, I am very mature and I have my ideas very clear. I don┬┤t want a we┬┤ll see if we want to in the future because I┬┤m clear that I don┬┤t ever want to be a mother, well, only of puppies and kittens hahaha
Antes de nada tengo una ni├▒a
Segovia, Segovia

First of all I have a girl

I like to make things clear and I am the mother of a one-year-old daughter, I am a single mother and well I have a lot of help from my parents so that I can work and also go out from time to time. I┬┤m looking for something stable but I┬┤m not looking for responsibilities of any kind. I am 26 years old, I am young but very mature. I live with my parents by my own decision because I have my own house but I rented it to a friend and partner a month ago.
Me encanta la comida
Salamanca, Salamanca

I love food

Oh my goodness, you┬┤re going to call me a glutton or whatever you want, but I enjoy eating, and if it┬┤s junk food, even more so. Sometimes I get scared because I have no bottom, but I do have a great body that I can┬┤t even believe because on top of that I┬┤m skinny and with pretty curves. The trick is also to do a little bit of exercise and try to compensate, although depending on how I don┬┤t know to what extent. makes up for it hahaha.
La esperanza es lo ├║ltimo que se pierde, no quiero un padre para mis hijos
Talavera de la Reina, Toledo

Hope is the last thing you lose

I am Mercedes, a 40-year-old woman with no luck in love. I┬┤m looking forward to finally meeting the love of my life. I have children, I was a single mother and I am a single mother. I would like to find that person that I fall in love with and will last a lifetime. I don┬┤t want a father for my children, I want a man to be my partner.
Soy una artista
Mata de São João, Bahia

I┬┤m an artist

My mother tells me that I am an artist but she refers to my way of flirting hahaha boy I say I like boy I flirt and I love it... I have a lot of trust with my mother and I tell her everything and she always tells me: daughter while Be careful, enjoy life and be what I don┬┤t enjoy, and that┬┤s what I do.
Quiero citas para relaciones esporádicas
Barcelona, Anzoátegui

I want dates for sporadic relationships

Although I am a single mother, the desire I have to have sporadic relationships is very great. Don┬┤t worry about me having a child because I┬┤m not looking for responsibilities as I said, I just want something sporadic and nothing more. I am 26 years old, I am young, I was a young mother and now I am in the best of my life and I want to enjoy.
El deporte siempre sienta bien
Segovia, Segovia

Sport always feels good

When I started playing sports it was very difficult for me, in fact there were days when I didn┬┤t do anything, but the moment I created a habit, my goodness, it┬┤s the best thing I┬┤ve ever done in my life, it makes me feel great. I┬┤m not looking for a sporty boy, but I am looking for a boy who from time to time doesn┬┤t mind doing sports and takes care of himself above all. I am open to everything but I would love to meet someone for something more serious and intense.

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