Gratis, Ohio

I like to do sports for health and also to feel good because I love my body and I love how I work on it. I would like to have a relationship, I don┬┤t know what type could arise but at least something arises. I am bored with certain aspects of my life that I would like to change.

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Me e iniciado en el deporte
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

I got started in sports

A couple of months ago I started playing sports, not for physical reasons but for health reasons since sports are very beneficial for many things, including the back. I┬┤m not looking for a sports partner but if you do it better hehe and nothing I would love to have a stable relationship for asking hehe but I got carried away.
No me gusta el deporte
Ávila, Ávila

I do not like sports

I hate sports, am I a weirdo? For my environment, yes, since they are practically all athletes or do something from time to time. I┬┤m in denial about it because I don┬┤t like it, I don┬┤t understand why I have to play sports, hahaha, it makes me tired, I sweat... The only thing I do is go out for a walk, and if you consider it a sport, then that┬┤s what I do, but that┬┤s it. I don┬┤t want guys who instill sports in me because I don┬┤t need it, I just want friendships and whatever comes up.
Me gusta el deporte de altura
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

I like high altitude sports

I like doing high-altitude sports, I like the adrenaline, letting it go, I like the effusiveness of the moment, wow, it makes my hair stand on end. Now I don┬┤t have many people who like it, so I┬┤ve kind of abandoned it, but I want to get back to it and see if I meet someone like me around here, and then the love of my life, of course.
Me encanta hacer fiestas en casa
Teruel, Teruel

I love having parties at home

I like to have parties at home, I am a good hostess and everyone wants to come to my parties hehehe, I am looking for friendship and whatever arises, I am open to everything. I like active boys who like to go out from time to time and play sports too. For me, doing sports is a vitamin for my body directly.
amistad y lo que surja, ya me cuentas
M├│ra la Nova, Tarragona

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a mature woman, without a partner, looking for an interesting man for a future relationship. I play sports, I am a muscular woman, I lift weights and I like everything related to sports. I┬┤m looking for a big man, haha, who is compensated with me and who is a sports lover... if you┬┤re interested, let me know.
Desde que tengo uso de raz├│n le gusta el deporte
Teruel, Teruel

Since I can remember, he likes sports.

I remember that when I was 4 years old I already liked to run, dance, jump rope, although it didn┬┤t work for me... I was clear that when I grew up I wanted to dedicate myself to sports and well, when I grew up I became a physical education teacher for preschool and primary school children, so I am also a psychomotor teacher. Sport is super important and I like to instill it.
No me gusta hacer deporte
Sevilla, Sevilla

I do not like doing sport

Ufff I hate sports and lately everyone is like hooked, well that or they make it up and I don┬┤t know why. I don┬┤t like to sweat and get tired doing something that stresses me out. I like to go out for a walk or sometimes dance and things like that but I move enough on a daily basis. Well, for me, we come here, I┬┤m open to what comes up with guys who aren┬┤t many years older than me.
No tengo pareja, nos conocemos?
Santander, Santander

I don┬┤t have a partner, do we know each other?

I am open to everything because I don┬┤t have a partner but whatever arises is what I have been looking for. I am a sports fan but I like practicing it more than watching it, although there are certain sports that I love to watch. Apart from playing sports as a hobby, I also teach skating and rhythmic gymnastics classes. I love everything I do and I always enjoy it so much that it is as if it were not my job.
El deporte siempre sienta bien
Segovia, Segovia

Sport always feels good

When I started playing sports it was very difficult for me, in fact there were days when I didn┬┤t do anything, but the moment I created a habit, my goodness, it┬┤s the best thing I┬┤ve ever done in my life, it makes me feel great. I┬┤m not looking for a sporty boy, but I am looking for a boy who from time to time doesn┬┤t mind doing sports and takes care of himself above all. I am open to everything but I would love to meet someone for something more serious and intense.
Quiero montar un centro de masajes y bienestar
Centro, Ciudad de M├ęxico

I want to set up a massage and wellness center

Without anything sexual, my dream is to set up my own massage and wellness center. I finished studying recently and although I am working and great, my dream is to have my own center in the future. For now I can only dream that one day it will arrive. I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship if possible but I don┬┤t know if it can be.

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