Gratis, Ohio

Sincerity lately is conspicuous by its absence so I look for it with "urgency" because I am not looking for a false love, I am looking for a lasting and faithful true love. Finding the right person is not entirely easy, but you have to try, right? I am also looking to have fun with that person and be faithful to our thoughts at all times.

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No soy chica de una noche
Ágreda, Soria

I´m not a one night girl

I am for something more, I want to be the main and the only one. I would like to find the one who is the love of my life. We´ll see what happens. I want to meet someone who really wants to fall in love who is truly sincere and faithful, above all, faithful. I like to have a relationship without hiding a full and happy relationship
Si eres sincero tenemos la mitad del camino preparado
Almería, Almería

If you are honest we have half the way prepared

Requirement: sincerity... From there whatever needs to arise will emerge. Sometimes I think that I am a little soft when it comes to meeting guys and they deceive me because I trust everyone hehehe, in reality I come stronger but being my essence I do not lose it nor will I lose it. I look for what comes up, I have no problems if just a little sex comes up, as long as we are honest. It is not good to play with anyone´s feelings because we do not know how they may be going through it and what it would affect their daily lives.
No estoy lista para una relación
Vitoria, Álava

I´m not ready for a relationship

I have to be honest and I am not prepared to fall in love but I can offer you a relationship of friendship and also sex. In sex, less strange things and pain, the rest I love and try too. If the experiences are pleasant, I try them all. I have already fulfilled some fantasies, but I wouldn´t mind practicing some of them again if you feel like it, and on top of that, I help you fulfill them.
Amo la naturaleza y me gusta vivir en ella
Chico, California

I love nature and I like to live in it

Nature for me is everything, it is peace, tranquility, health, good vibes... I love nature, its noises when everything is silent, its already fresh smell of life... For me it is something too special. I am looking for a real, sincere, healthy relationship with lots and lots of loyalty. I´m not looking for something or someone to party with. I am looking for a man who wants to have a stable relationship with all the values I need to make it happen and turn out well.
Soy buena y muy directa
Teruel, Teruel

I am good and very direct

Sometimes because of how direct I am, they misunderstand me and think that I am bad that I do things with evil or to hurt and nothing is further from the truth than that since I am looking for a beautiful relationship open with sincerity where we can be ourselves and Let´s wait and tell each other things to each other´s faces and be as happy as we can in our own way... it doesn´t have to be because a stable relationship can be a relationship of trust, affection and pleasure... But always being honest with each other that That´s not about being a bad person, far from it.
No creo en lo que no veo
Nuevo León, Nuevo León

I don´t believe in what I don´t see

I can´t believe your words if I don´t see a bias in them. I am sometimes too trusting and what happens to me happens for that very reason... I am clear about what I want and what I don´t want in my life and right now the only thing I want is to have a healthy relationship that is sincere and free of toxicities but it is difficult and that´s why I want to find a guy for true friendship and then we´ll see what we show each other.
Busco una relación sincera y fiel
Campo de Caso, Asturias

I am looking for a sincere and faithful relationship

I am looking for a sincere and faithful relationship, I don´t want a fake relationship that I have already been deceived for many years and being a cuckold and I don´t want to go through that again. I am very hard-working and I like to play sports. I live alone, I love independence, but I would like to be able to live as a couple once and for all.
En el amor no todo vale
Bolivia, Carolina del Norte

In love not everything goes

I think that in love not everything goes. There are many factors that make you behave in one way or another but you have to have dignity and know how to behave. I am looking for a sincere, faithful and authentic healthy relationship. I don´t settle for half measures I don´t like it today I love you and tomorrow I´ll get angry and leave you but then I´ll come back to you. I am looking for a mature relationship.
Siendo sincera me gusta gustar
San Javier de Loncomilla, Maule

To be honest I like to like

I don´t know anyone who doesn´t like to be liked because we all like it even if we say we don´t. I have grown up in a very modern family where neither machismo nor feminism exists. I´m not scared of compliments nor do I see it as machismo, in fact I like them. Respect is always above everything and education. If you don´t lose all that, I love it when people say nice things to me about everything. I could fall in love or I could have something sporadic or maybe I could have nothing. I´m going to let myself go that this is the first advice they gave me before registering here.
Con la verdad se llega a todos los sitios
San Juan de Miraflores, Provincia de Lima

With the truth you reach all places

I´m at a point in my life where if you´re not going to be completely honest, then it´s better to move on because I´ve been lied to many times. I am looking for a sporadic relationship out of respect, I just want to be able to get along with someone, have a laugh, and on top of that, if we can have sex, then much better. I am clear and sincere and quite direct.

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