Punta Gorda, Florida

I take care of myself and I want a boy who also takes care of himself and has a great body. I am single and I wouldn┬┤t mind falling in love with a boy with those characteristics. It is clear that the interior is more important than the exterior but we must be realistic and the first thing we all look at is the physical appearance.

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Me considero una buena amiga y se escuchar alas persona
Madrid, Madrid

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people.

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people. I don┬┤t like impocrisy and I don┬┤t like old people, so I ask that very big people not get involved and even less that they greet me and that you will eliminate them immediately. I have a strong character and I say things. As there are still people who don┬┤t like to hear the truth, I┬┤m not looking for sex either since if you talk to me to have relationships, it┬┤s better not to. My interests: Lady Gaga, Shallow Hal, Pizza Express, Sandwiches, Novels, Cologne, Cr├Ępes, Supernatural, Criminology, Sun Holidays, Alternative rock, Xbox, Dance Central 2, The Pianist, Twilight, Comedy, Avatar, Black Swan, Laughing, Toy Story, Nights In, Barbecues, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Eyeliner, Adventure, Stilettos, Kinect Xbox, Collecting perfume, Laugh and smile, Hot Chocolate, Disney, Minidresses, CSI, Paris, Reading, Lip gloss, Cookies, Facebook, The Bee Gees, Diners, Grey┬┤s Anatomy, The Simpsons, Mit Freunden feiern, Weekends, Lasagne, Fantasy, Tiramisu
Siempre cuido de los m├şos
Segovia, Segovia

I always take care of mine

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am open to everything, but if I make friends, I am one of those who preserve and take care of my friendship because my feelings are pure and true. I am a cook and right now I work for a catering company so I work at night. I live alone and in the future I would like to start a nice family.
No soy exigente, solo tengo preferencia
Vitoria, Álava

I┬┤m not picky, I just have a preference.

I have preferences when it comes to men, but they tend to confuse it with demands and that┬┤s not the case at all. I like men who take care of themselves and who like to dress well. I also like that they take care of themselves not only physically but also health and I am looking for a stable partner so I like them healthy and flirtatious
amistad y lo que surja, pido gente que tenga foto
Sevilla, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

For my age I consider myself a young, liberal and open-minded person. 52 years old, I take care of myself, I like people who take care of themselves. I have many hobbies... botany, traveling, dancing, having a drink with a good chat... on the sexual topic I am a hot mature woman... yes, I ask people to have a photo, or to send it to me privately.
Me cuido por salud
Elche, Alicante

I take care of myself for health

I take care of myself because for me my health is very important and I pamper myself inside and out. I┬┤m not a girl who indulges in expensive bags or expensive shoes or anything like that. I like to take care of myself and invest in something that is really worthwhile. By the way, I┬┤m looking for real love, truly good love.
amistad y lo que surja, busco hombres independientes
Chile Chico, Ays├ęn

friendship and whatever comes next

I┬┤m looking to talk to guys from my city, I┬┤m looking for love and I don┬┤t like long distance relationships. I am fiery, ardent and I need to be pampered and cared for daily. I work, I am independent... I am looking for independent, working, fun and loyal men... if you think you are the profile I am looking for, tell me something when you can.
Soy una belleza?
Cambrils, Tarragona

Am I a beauty?

I┬┤m Astrid and everyone tells me I┬┤m a beauty, what do you think? The truth is that I┬┤m embarrassed when people compliment me, I┬┤m embarrassed when they tell me how pretty I am and things like that. Do I look pretty? Yes, because I have beautiful self-esteem and in other circumstances in my life where I was chubby or skinnier, I have always looked great. Now I take good care of myself because I like to look pretty, but for myself and above all for my own health.
Un chico sin vicios
Salamanca, Salamanca

A boy without vices

I don┬┤t like boys who have vices such as tobacco, alcohol and other substances. I am a healthy girl who occasionally has a drink but I don┬┤t have a vice and I also hate tobacco. In general terms I really like to take care of myself and although I don┬┤t expect everyone to take care of themselves but as far as possible I would like to find a guy for something stable and who likes doing it even a little bit.
No me gustan los chicos cachas
Chico, California

I don┬┤t like muscular boys

My friends are surprised when I say that I don┬┤t like hunks but I don┬┤t like them, not that they still take them seriously because I like you well-groomed but normal bodies, I don┬┤t like it when they get pounded in the gym and I┬┤m also looking for a guy who takes care of himself but It┬┤s not an obsession, you understand what I mean. I want to find true love.
El deporte siempre sienta bien
Segovia, Segovia

Sport always feels good

When I started playing sports it was very difficult for me, in fact there were days when I didn┬┤t do anything, but the moment I created a habit, my goodness, it┬┤s the best thing I┬┤ve ever done in my life, it makes me feel great. I┬┤m not looking for a sporty boy, but I am looking for a boy who from time to time doesn┬┤t mind doing sports and takes care of himself above all. I am open to everything but I would love to meet someone for something more serious and intense.

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