Oviedo, Florida

I don´t want only sex. I would like to find a love, I don´t know if it is definitive, but a love that makes me happy as long as it lasts. I am a realist and lately finding love for life is not something that is easy. I´m not looking for anything that´s a fairy tale because I don´t believe in fiction enough to believe I can get it. I am very realistic as it should be.

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amistad y lo que surja, eso si, me sobra ganado
Ávila, Ávila

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello my love... I am an affectionate, friendly, seductive person who seeks to have a good time at all levels. Of course, those who are only looking for sex or getting hot through a chat... don´t count on me. I love you or I want you by my side, see you in person. As you can see I don´t need flirting, I have plenty of cattle. but you sign up to do a bdfm.
Divertirme con sexo y sin el
Rueda, Valladolid

Having fun with and without sex

I look for fun in all possible ways, not just sexual, although I have to admit that I like sex more. I don´t consider it a problem to just look for sex, although there are people who see it as something....uyyy a woman looking for sex.... hahaha and well, just like that, right?
Quiero un chico que sepa hacer sexo oral en condiciones
Soria, Soria

I want a boy who knows how to perform oral sex properly

I´m only looking for sex and especially what I´m looking for is oral sex but knowing how to do it under conditions without boasting, just demonstrating. I really want to find a good "lover" and really enjoy myself because until now all the guys are pretty lazy.
amistad y lo que surja, que le guste experimentar cosas nuevas
Bilbao, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello guys, I´m not going to lie to you... I´m a married woman, 38 years old, who´s only looking for sex... I love my husband, but in bed he´s a little dull... I like passionate people who like to experience new things. . I´m looking for someone similar to me... since I cheat on my husband... let it be with someone who is worth it.
Soy una experta del sexo y la pasión
Almería, Almería

I am an expert in sex and passion

In passion and sex I think I have honors and I´m not going to tell you because hehe I prefer that you live it and enjoy it and tell me about it. If you are only looking for sex and a sex where there is passion, morbid desire... You are in the right place, I am you girl, I would say it is your lucky day but I am not a fool hehe
Ana María
Busco solo sexo esporádico
Chico, California

I am only looking for sporadic sex

I´m just looking for fun and liberal consensual sporadic sex that we can try everything. Letting ourselves go in bed is what interests me most at these moments in life since I am at a very, very horny point and I don´t expect anything else.
En busca de que?

In search of what?

I don´t know what I´m looking for, I could say about happiness and it would look great on me but I´m already happy hehe so I don´t know... Well I´m single I don´t have children I live alone because I really like independence I´m 25 years old I´m a young girl with an education and a stable job, some tell me to just look for sex and that way I don´t get complicated but who knows who will show up
Caminar juntos de la mano
Folla, Lombardia

Walk together hand in hand

I´m a romantic, if that´s not what you´re looking for, I´m sorry and pass by hehe. I´m not just looking for sex. I´m looking for something serious. I´m looking for something serious. To enjoy the company of my partner because I´m on a whim. What do you want me to tell you, but I personally got tired of it. of that and at 28 years old I want to fall in love and if possible it will be a relationship for the future.
amistad y lo que surja, por favor los que busquen solamente sexo no me interesan
Ávila, Ávila

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m looking to make friends who are close to my area... I´m from Aldeaseca, I don´t have people to go out with. I don´t like being alone and I limit myself from going from home to work. I do take walks and hiking routes... I feel lonely and I want to do more things with someone... please, those who are only looking for sex are not of interest to me.
Por fin liberada
Región de Murcia, Murcia

Finally released

I´m already released, I already signed the divorce papers, can I be happier? I would love to find a guy who is only looking for friendship and if we feel like having a romp. I am in my most sociable stage and I need to meet new guys. I´m not just looking for sex, but it´s also clear that I don´t want a guy who only goes for sex.

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