Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship and for it to be super super clear, I don┬┤t want any hassles. I like sports, I play paddle tennis and I like to swim, those are my real passions. I don┬┤t like monotony at all so I┬┤m looking for a guy for these things who likes to move and make thousands of plans to avoid falling into the monotony that ruins so many relationships.

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Tomar una copa, mi ex cuando me separ├ę que me confes├│ que visitaba un mont├│n de p├íginas para follar y me entraron ganas de que me las pasara pero claro eran todas de chicas
Vitoria, Álava

Have a drink

My ex confessed to me when I broke up that he visited a lot of pages to fuck and I wanted him to pass them on to me but of course they were all for girls, it┬┤s the same because now I┬┤m here on this one and I prefer to meet for a drink and whatever It arises, yes of course, I let myself go and I am ready for anything.
La vida son momentos y recuerdos
Alcoy, Alicante

Life is moments and memories

The material is always left behind and in the end we are only left with the good moments and memories. I consider myself a collector of memories and unique moments. I look for everything that makes me feel good and is positive for me and for the other person of course. I am 30 years old, I am a very hard-working girl and I am independent.
Soy madura que quede claro
Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza

I am mature to be clear

I am a mature woman, I don┬┤t like the things of 20-year-old children, who at my side without children hehe, I take seriously meeting someone interesting, someone who is mature, and let it be whatever God wants. I┬┤m divorced so I feel like anything from respect and I like it.
Conoce a alguien asexual?
Vitoria, Álava

Do you know someone asexual?

That┬┤s not why I┬┤m asking you either hahaha I don┬┤t think I could be with a person who didn┬┤t enjoy sex... I find it impossible for someone not to want to enjoy good sex, it┬┤s very hard for me to believe... I┬┤m too, very, very sexual and What do you want me to tell you, I can┬┤t live without sex, it┬┤s clear that I┬┤m only looking for company for that, right? Relationships go wrong for me and it┬┤s because it┬┤s not my time yet, I┬┤m sure.
Me gustan los hombres románticos
Paterna, Valencia

I like romantic men

I love romantic men and more than the physical appearance itself, what I am looking for is a man who has clear ideas and wants to find and seek a stable relationship. It is always said that the physical is lost and it is true, the physical is eventually lost and love and feelings remain. I┬┤m looking for that, I like handsome guys too, of course, but it┬┤s not what I┬┤m looking for first because if you┬┤re attracted to the interior, the physique takes a backseat.
No me permito decaer
Aguadulce, Sevilla

I don┬┤t allow myself to decay

Even if I meet someone and it doesn┬┤t turn out well, I don┬┤t allow myself to falter since I have a defect (for me it is) and it is that he caught me right away and of course I don┬┤t know the other person and it really isn┬┤t the other person┬┤s fault. that I be like that. I am open to everything and if it only remains a friendship, nothing happens because it is also worth meeting new people and, if possible, only men.
Quiero divertirme sexualmente
Folla, Lombardia

I want to have sexual fun

It┬┤s very good to fall in love and blablabla but right now I want to have fun and I would love to find a guy just for sex. I don┬┤t sleep with just anyone, that┬┤s clear. It has to catch my eye and on top of that be friendly and pleasant, as normal, let┬┤s just have a little feeling and that┬┤s it.
Un poco zorrita si que soy
Torrent, Valencia

I am a bit of a slut

Let it be clear that I call it myself hahaha I┬┤m a bit of a slut but one of the good ones on the lists and on top of those who know how to enjoy life as they want. I don┬┤t have a partner, I┬┤m good and that┬┤s why I don┬┤t have that and I don┬┤t have to be unfaithful hehehe I don┬┤t like that stuff so I prefer something sporadic and with a single guy
Amistad y amistad
Madrid, Cundinamarca

Friendship and friendship

Let it be clear that I am only looking for a special friendship, I am not looking to fall in love nor do I have double intentions. I┬┤m not looking to fall in love nor am I looking for anyone to fall in love with me. I am looking for a non-toxic relationship between two people who like and respect each other. I like to share experiences that enrich us both and make each other have a good time.
Por fin liberada
Regi├│n de Murcia, Murcia

Finally released

I┬┤m already released, I already signed the divorce papers, can I be happier? I would love to find a guy who is only looking for friendship and if we feel like having a romp. I am in my most sociable stage and I need to meet new guys. I┬┤m not just looking for sex, but it┬┤s also clear that I don┬┤t want a guy who only goes for sex.

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