Chico, California

I´m not going for anything, I don´t think I´m more interesting than anyone else, I´m the most normal person you´ll ever meet right now, but I have a lot to offer. If you feel like it, we can get to know each other, if not, nothing happens. I´m looking forward to whatever comes up and I love to chat.

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Una chica normal, no necesito grandes lujos para sentirme feliz
Almería, Almería

A normal girl

I am Samara, a totally normal 25-year-old girl. I have been through many things in my life and have already overcome them and I consider myself normal but with an incredible heart. I don´t need great luxuries to feel happy. I really like the cinema, although I rarely go because I have a movie screen at home and I watch movies there and invite my friends.
Ana Belen
Me gustan los chicos normales, no me gustan los musculitos de gimnasio
Vitoria, Álava

I like normal guys, I don´t like gym muscles

I´m not surprised by their muscles nor do I like gym guys, I see them as too superficial. I exercise, in fact I love doing it, but never in a gym because the smell and the majority of people who go make me nauseous, I can´t, so if you want to conquer me you have to be the complete opposite of that prototype of a man.
Soy una chica de lo más normal
Chico, California

I am a very normal girl

I am Maia, a normal girl but I can give a lot of myself. I want to be with a guy for whatever arises but I do have to focus on someone to simply enjoy and well, whatever may arise, you never know. I am not at all arrogant nor do I like men who are.
Muy normal e interesante
Chico, California

Very normal and interesting

I´m very normal but I´m very interesting or that´s how I consider myself, and no one tells me otherwise, the truth is, so I guess they also consider me equally interesting. I have ideas about having a partner and if it goes well, you already know how to start a family and so on, but you can´t run before you walk, so step by step we get to know each other and see what is happening between the two of us.
Especialmente normal
Chico, California

especially normal

They tell me that I´m special but I consider myself normal and once a boy told me well then you´re especially normal, and that stuck in my mind and well I don´t consider myself especially normal hehe what do you think? I am in a sweet moment at work where I now feel very good and that I am where I would like and that I am back working in the family business.
Siempre me gusta pasar desapercibida.
Montaña Blanca, Las Palmas

I always like to go unnoticed.

I don´t like to attract attention with anything. I like to go unnoticed. I´m one of those people who´s embarrassed when people look at me a lot, say things to me, or when a group of kids stare at me and see them talking. I´m not an ugly girl, nor do I consider myself a hotshot. I am the most normal person in the world and I want to meet a normal guy.
Hay chicos normales?
Madrid, Cundinamarca

Are there normal kids?

I don´t really know them, I don´t doubt that there are any, that´s why I ended up here because I don´t know them and I want to get to know them. They all touch me and I talk about guys for something stable or a roll in that case, because I have the most wonderful friends in the world. world and although that friendship is the basis, I don´t come just looking for that because I already have a very nice group, you know?
No me voy con casados
Chico, California

I´m not going married

I´m not going with married people, it´s something that I promised myself I would never do because I would feel like I was cheating on someone and I really don´t pinch or cut hehehe well, here we go, I´m looking for single guys, if possible, normal guys and me I know why I say it hahahaha
No me gustan los chicos cachas
Chico, California

I don´t like muscular boys

My friends are surprised when I say that I don´t like hunks but I don´t like them, not that they still take them seriously because I like you well-groomed but normal bodies, I don´t like it when they get pounded in the gym and I´m also looking for a guy who takes care of himself but It´s not an obsession, you understand what I mean. I want to find true love.
Escrupulosa con la limpieza
Chico, California

Scrupulous about cleanliness

First of all, I must say that I am very scrupulous about cleanliness, I have to keep everything super clean because if I don´t I start with a kind of OCD and I get really upset. I want to find a guy for a stable relationship but who is at least clean and tidy, I´m not saying that it´s excessive as I say, but it´s normal to have a healthy relationship hahaha

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